Nutmeg: My Partner In Rhyme

Monday we flew a space ship
all the way to Mars.
We zoomed around galaxies
and dodged some falling stars.

Tuesday we saved the world
from an angry troll.
Nutmeg used karate chops,
I shoved him down a hole.

Wednesday there was a party
for the mermaid queen.
The food was pretty awful,
ick! Everything was green.

Thursday we were kidnapped
by an evil spy.
We stole his rocket launcher
and flew up in the sky.

Friday we sang with dragons,
in their local choir.
The music wasn’t half bad
but the singing, it was dire.

Saturday we went sailing
with a pirate crew.
The journey was a nightmare,
they didn’t have a loo!

Sunday we found a sunpatch
beaming on the bed.
This is where we love to write,
the stories in our heads.

©2012 Meagan Munroe

Nutmeg and I make a great writing team!


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