Fresh Paper, New Pencils and Me….


Meagan Munroe started life on the East Coast of Canada in a small town. Her family moved around a bit, eventually ending up in a slightly bigger town (it had traffic lights!)

At the tender age of 6 she informed her parents she would be moving to the UK to live in a castle. It took some time, but she made it and although she doesn’t actually live in a castle she is lucky enough to live next door to one.

When not writing poetry or picture books for children, Meagan offers Reflexology and Aromatherapy treatments (her client list includes many stressed out parents and teachers).

Meagan believes strongly in the magical properties of peanut butter and crackers and  definitely drinks too much tea! She also believes cats are from space and eagerly awaits the return of the mothership.

While you’re here why not mosey on over to  The funEverse to read more of Meagan’s poems as well as those of 9 other funny and talented authors. The site has been developed as a free resource for schools to inspire children to create their own poems and illustrations. How cool is that?


4 Responses to Fresh Paper, New Pencils and Me….

  1. Jennifer Butler Basile says:

    Meagan, glad to have found you. And glad you found me on Facebook. I see you know Kimberly Newton Fusco as well? I was fortunate enough to have met her at Rhode Island College. She is a lovely woman and author.

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