Being Me!

Tonight I will be attending my first ever SCBWI event. I am experiencing a whole range of emotions right now, and although feeling a little nervous I’m actually very excited. Spending most of my writing life on the bed or sofa, pen in one hand and giving Nutmeg nose rubs with the other, is great, but it can get ‘lonely’. Of course as a member of The Funeverse and Picture Book Quest I am in contact on a regular basis with some pretty phenomenal writers and illustrators.

While Email, Twitter and Facebook all have their uses and are great ways for me to keep up with my writing buddies, meeting them face to face will be very special. I am delighted that SCWBI is giving me that opportunity tonight (not to mention the added bonus of sampling wild mushroom risotto balls and mini cheeseburgers – hearty thanks to ALCS for being one of the sponsors for the evening).

One of the best pieces of advice sent via the many helpful and informative emails about the event was to ‘relax, and be the best version of yourself‘ on the night. Well, considering that:

  • I accidentally washed my hair with shower gel (note to self: must wear glasses…)
  • A giant spot erupted on my nose last night (not to self: glasses make spot look bigger…)
  • I dropped a mug of scalding hot tea on my foot (note to self: Judge Judy is not worth rushing out of the kitchen for…)
  • All my tights have runs in them (note to self: buy more tights…)

I am absolutely, definitely being me!

Being Me

Being Me

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